Saturday, April 9, 2016

04/9/2016: Storytime Pup - Cartoon Pup

      The ideas were just flying by now.  I was beginning to think about the website, social media pages and the structure of the channel itself.  I decided I wanted to have a cartoon character of Storytime Pup drawn.  I had many ideas of where I would use them.
     So, I contacted my online buddy Dami.  Dami had illustrated my first children's book, Doran's Doorway Adventures - Saving Junx  So, I contacted Dami and we discussed a collaboration.  He was working on some online projects and if he helped me out, I would help him out.  I sent him a photo of the Storytime Pup suit and told him I was looking for a simple cartoon drawing with a red hat and red t-shirt.  I liked the first drawing he sent me.
     I then had him draw me different pictures for each segment, like him dancing for the sing-along & dance-along segment , etc.  I had planned to use these drawings as lead-ins to each segment,  I gave Dami some ideas of what I was looking for, for each segment and turned him loose.  In about a week I had all the segment drawing.  I was very pleased.  Dami always does a good job.  I saved money using Dami and will be helping him out in return.

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