Monday, April 4, 2016

04/04/2016: Storytime Pup - How it All Started (Part IX) Videos for Magic Window

     In looking to expand the format of the Storytime Pup channel beyond just reading children's books we looked at what was popular among kids on the Internet.  We found that one of the kids favorite activities is watching animal and other videos.  So, we came up with the concept for "Magic Window".
     The Magic Window segments will allow Storytime Pup to show children's videos in a fun new way.  Here's how it will work.  Storytime Pup will introduce the segment and then will say "Magic Window 1-2-3... Magic Window Let Us See".  The scene in the window will magically change to start showing a cute animal or other interesting kid-friendly and/or educational video.
     We didn't have any video footage, so we needed a plan to get some.  Some people just grab other people's videos off of YouTube or other sites on the Internet and use them.  This is a copyright violation.  We needed to get permission to use video footage  So, I spent several days searching for animal and other cute video footage for kids.  If I found something suitable, I contacted the owner of the footage, telling them about our channel and asking them to allow us to use their video footage in exchange for a link to their websites.  I found getting video footage to be much more difficult than finding willing children's book authors.  But, with persistence I was able to get a good line ip of videos to use to get started.  I am still working to find great footage.  I imagine this will be an on-going task to find fresh, kid-friendly footage.

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