Friday, April 22, 2016

04/22/2016: Storytime Pup - Collaboration Is Key

     The thing I like best about this project is working with so many great people.  I have had some of the greatest conversations and have met some of the nicest people.  The author group is just wonderful!  I have made several new friends already and I am sure I will make many more as time goes on.  It is a positive project of people helping people. 
     The authors help us by providing us books to read on the show.  We help them by helping them expose their books to a wider audience through a different media.  The authors help each other by reading, watching and reviewing each other’s books.  The video creators provide us with their videos and we show them to a new audience for them.  The artists help provide content for the show and the website and we, in turn, promote their talents.  The authors may then work with one of the artists to illustrate a new book.  A video creator may seek out an author and they may collaborate on a project.   And everyone will be working together to promote the channel for the benefit of all.  And finally this all comes together to provide something that is both enjoyable and educational for children.  What could be better?  It is synergy at its best.  And I must say I am proud to be part of this wonderful project!
     I have a few other collaborations in the works now which I hope to share in the future if they come to fruition.  They will only add to this great project.  Lots of fun and good things ahead!

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