Sunday, April 17, 2016

04/17/2016: Storytime Pup - But Will They Like It?

     But will they like it?  That was the next big question that came to mind.  We loved the idea.  Authors loved the idea.  But, will the kids like it?  Are we just assuming children would like it? That was the big question at hand. What if we put all this time and effort in and kids just didn't like it?
     As I mentioned before, things have changed a lot since I was a child and when my kids were young.  Would children's books and a big lovable character be of interest to kids?  Would they enjoy it?  So, I decided to poll some early education teachers.  My cousin Kerri is a preschool teacher.  My niece Amanda also taught your children in a prior job.  And my good friend Diana has also taught various ages over time.  I put together a document with an overview of the concept, with screen mock-ups etc and send it to each of them looking for their feedback, concerns etc.  I told them I was looking for their HONEST opinion and don't be afraid to hurt my feelings.  I would rather know now if children would enjoy such a show.

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