Wednesday, April 13, 2016

04/13/2016: Storytime Pup - The Importance of You Tube Video Quality

Video quality is so important nowadays.  If you look at most early videos on the Internet, the quality is poor.  People didn't mind, because they just loved the fact that they could actually watch a video from the Internet on their computer.  Many of these old videos were shot at 720p or lower.  The quality just wasn't that great.  And then many that were shot at 720p were uploaded at 480p or 320p which brought the quality down even more.
     My original plan was to shoot with the video camera I had. But, it was only 720p.  So, I ended up purchasing a new Nikon HD 1080p video camera.  It shoots great high definition video.  We will also be shooting on a tripod, so we know we will have a stable video.  However, even with great video equipment, you can have poor video quality without suitable and correct lighting.

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