Wednesday, April 20, 2016

04/20/2016: Storytime Pup - Dealing With Technical Issues II

     The image at the left shows video technical issue #2.  When framing my video, I am shooting beyond the green screen to the right and the left.  So, the edges are not getting keyed-out correctly.  (see yellow areas indicated) If I zoom in, Storytime Pup is too big and dominates too much of the screen.
     I could expand the size of the green screen, but due to space and time limitations, that is not the solution at this time.  There is a technical fix I can use within the video software.  SONY Vegas has a "masking" function where it lets you mask out these regions as if they were green screen and if the subject does not enter these areas, the chroma-key effect will work fine. However, my version of the software does not have that functionality.  So, I need to upgrade the software to the latest version.  I had to order the latest version and now I have to wait 3 days until I get. So, I am dead in the water as far as shooting video goes now.  I hope this doesn't effect the May 1st premier.  We want to launch May 1st no matter what.  I had hope to have 10+ videos ready by May 1st.  I may not have that many, but even if we can only get a few up, We will launch on schedule!

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