Wednesday, April 6, 2016

04/06/2016: Storytime Pup - How it All Started (Part XII) Let's Pretend

     The last segment idea I wanted to add was some kind of imagination exercise.  With electronics being introduced into children's lives so early these days, the need to pretend seems to have decreased.
     Computers, iPads, Mom or Dad's cell phones are captivating to children.  I have seen children of all ages just stare at them for hours.  Imagination is important in childhood and into adulthood  Imagination as a child leads to higher creativity as an adult.
     I grew up with parents and four sisters in a small house and we weren't very well off.  I wouldn't call us poor, but there wasn't much money for toys.  So, we spent a lot of time playing outside and using our imaginations.  I remember my sister MaryBeth and I looking for something to do.  We were in our basement and my father was finishing off a rec room down there for us.  There were two sawhorses sitting there.  But to us, they were not sawhorses.  We each folded a blanket and threw them over the cross pieces.  We then took two pieces of orange Hot Wheels track and slide them above the legs of the saw horses as handlebars and "tada" we had two motorcycles.  Side be side we road all over the country that day and next.  We laught about that to this day.  But, what a magical time it was just using our imaginations.
     So, in order to try to foster that imaginative play, we decided to add a "Let's Pretend" segment to Storytime Pup.  Storytime Pup will lead children in an imagination exercise.  For example, they will pretend they are going camping.  There will be a camping background behind Storytime Pup.  He will talk them through preparing for their imaginatonb camping trip.  What will they need to pack?  How big is their tent?  What color is their sleeping bag?  Pretend to put up tent and make camp site.  Then make pretend smores.

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