Friday, April 8, 2016

04/8/2016: Storytime Pup - Getting Social

     There's no way around it.  If you want to make it in business today, you need a strong social media presence.  Storytime Pup had to get social and start meeting people.  The plan was to set-up A Facebook Page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account and this Blog and of course a You Tube account where the Storytime Pup Channel would live.  Oh, and a website to tie it all together.
     I started out by doing a web search on Storytime Pup to make sure one didn't exist out there somewhere.  Luckily the domain as open, so I registered it.  Then I said, hmm I wonder if it might already be trademarked.  I did a search on the US Government's Trademark Database and there was no trademark or Servicemark on "Storytime Pup".  At the same time, we decided it would be worth the fee to register "Storytime Pup" as a trademark.  We put that on the to do list.
     Having a programming background, I created a simple website for Storytime Pup.  We didn't need anything fancy.  It was just to show what the channel was about.  Showcase the authors and their books and tied all the social media links into one place.  I got the site up and running in 2 nights.
     I spent the next day registering all the other accounts.  I did my best to keep all the header images, etc the same. I wanted to have a congruent look across all social media.  I was also looking at branding Storytime Pup.  So, with all the social media in place, it was time to start posting and chatting and sharing to try to build a following.
     The plan was to try to blog once a day (if possible) and also tweet and post what was happening along the way.  Slowly we began to see growth in out contacts.  After the first month we hit 1,000 Twitter followers and it continues to grow daily.  Our goal is 10,000 Twitter followers at the end of our first year.  We hope to have as many subscribers to out Youtube Channel as well.  We have faith in the project and we are confident we can make that happen in the first year if we put in the required efforts to marketing.

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