Saturday, April 16, 2016

04/16/2016: Storytime Pup - The Look and Feel of the Storytime Pup Channel

     We now had pretty much everything we needed to get started.  Now we needed to think about just how we wanted the Storytime Pup Channel to look.  Lots of questions to address.
     Our first decision was to go for an "old school" feel to the show.  Things have changed so much since we were kids.  We liked things when they were simpler.  Kids shows seem so different than they used to be.  We decided to keep the show simple, yet fun.  The way the old kids shows used to be, like Captain Kangaroo, Mister Roger's Neighborhood and Romper Room. They didn't need fancy computer animation etc.  It was pure, simple and educational fun.  That is what our goal would be for the channel.
     If you look at the animations we created, they are not fancy CGI, they are simple hand drawn illustrations.  But, they are lively, colorful and imaginative.  We want to keep things simple and let the kids imaginations go to work.  The music is also simple.  We are mixing classic nursery rhymes with other simple children's music.  No techno or hip hop in our show.
     The only real "technology" we used was the use of green screen and chroma-key in our video editing.  But that was just to allow us to use different backgrounds for the books and other segments.  But, you will notice that the backgrounds incorporated are very simple.  They are very colorful, but simple.  Kid friendly and enough to spur on the imagination.
     The different segments themselves are kept simple, but are also fun for kids and have just the right mixture of learning in them.  Our main segment, Storybook Time features Storytime Pup reading books aloud to kids, and they get to see the illustrations along the way.  This encourages reading, attention span etc.  The Sing-along & Dance Along segment is simply Storytime Pup dancing to kids music.  He encourages them to get up and move and dance.  This sneaks in a little bit of exercise.  Kids don't get as much exercise these days.  Magic Window is simply kid-friendly videos shown through Storytime Pup's "Magic Window".  Kids enjoy videos and what a fun way to watch them, Through a magic window that activates after you sat the Magic Words.  Let's Pretend is all about imagination.  Kid's don't have as much imagination play as in the past.  This world of video games and electronics entrances kids and just feeds, and can sometimes overload, their senses.  Let's Pretend encourages them to explore different things and places all through the use of their imagination.   In the Seeking and Finding Segment, kids help Storytime Pup find hidden objects in fun, bright and colorful pictures.  This segment is fun and educational.  There wil be other segments incorporated along the way.
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