Wednesday, April 27, 2016

04/27/2016: Storytime Pup - Still Being Haunted By Ghosts

     It is currently just 5 days until the premier of Storytime Pup.  And how many videos do we have ready to roll?  Zero!  We do have various pieces shot.  But not one full episode yet.  Yes, we are behind schedule.  Why?  Well, we did have the best of intentions to be closing in on 10 videos for the premier by now.  However, those of you who have been following along, or have been in contact via phone or email know that we have faced a series of unforeseen "technical issues".
    Now, first of all, Storytime Pup is not being created by a big production company with a staff, crew and big bucks behind it.  It is a two-person project taken on for several reasons.  The main ones being to entertain children and help out fellow children's book authors.  Having something fun to do in retirement will be a nice follow-on benefit.  We are learning as we go.
     But, I am pleased to announce that the last of our known technical issues was solved last night.  That being the re-appearing ghosts.  I know you are saying "but wait, I thought you took care of the ghosts a while ago"  Well, we did.  However, when I was addressing the light and shadow issues, I changed some of the lighting.  In doing so, I either had too much or too little light on certain areas of the green screen backdrop.  You need to have a consistent wash of light on the background in order for the chroma-key to work correctly.  Well, I had some variations and the "ghosting" effect returned. When I tried to adjust the low and/or high threshold in the chroma-key adjustments to remov the "ghosting", then Storytime Pup would slowly start to disappear.
     So, I spent last evening adjusting all the background lighting.  I first tried to eliminate the background lights all together.  But, then my shadows on the background caused "ghosting".  So, through moving and repositioning lights and trial and error, I finally eliminated the "ghosting" and managed to keep the light and shadows issues at bay.  Maybe I should have just called Ghost Busters :-)

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