Saturday, April 23, 2016

04/23/2016: Storytime Pup - Administration vs Creativity

    As I said in my last entry.  I truly love this project.  I consider it fun because I get to be creative in a non stressful environment.  But, the one thing that I didn’t expect coming into this was all the administrative tasks required.
    Along with the fun technical and creative tasks, which I truly enjoy, there are as many or more administrative tasks that have to be done.
These tasks are for: obtaining and tracking new authors, obtaining and tracking video creators and all the paperwork and forms involved in that.  I also have to plan out each show and the content to be used in that show.  I then have to work with the artists to get any drawings or animations I require.  I now have spreadsheets to track spreadsheets :-)

My daily administrative tasks include:

1)      Emails and phone calls with authors, video creators, artists.  I don’t mind this, but it can be time consuming.

2)      Social Media.  Building a social media platform, which is so important these days.  FB posts, Twitter Tweets, Pinterest posts,

3)   Daily Blog posts for this blog to keep it fresh

4)      Tracking anything and everything in spreadsheets.

5)   General miscellaneous admin tasks,

6)   And someone had to feed and walk Storytime Pup :-)

     Again, I really don't mind this.  But in the future, I will probably bring some one on to handle some of these administrative tasks to free me up for more of the creative stuff, which I truly enjoy.

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