Thursday, April 7, 2016

04/7/2016: Storytime Pup - Putting It All Together

     We finally had all the pieces we needed to make what hoped to be a great children's channel.  We had: a character and a suit, books and authors, videos, music, pictures, imagination ideas and all the equipment to capture it all.  Now it was a matter of coming up with a plan to put all the pieces together and make something great.
     We had to start reviewing the children's books that had begun to show up in the mail and email.  We knew we had to read and review each book.  We had to rate them on their story and illustrations.  Just have one or the other wouldn't cut it.  We need great stories that kids will enjoy and the illustrations have to be captivating.
     We decided that we wanted to have 10 to 20 videos ready for the launch.  We estimated all the tasks we had to do and figured in extra time to get acquainted with the whole process, trial and error etc.  We came up with a launch date of May 1st.  We needed to get started right away to meet that date.  And another task was identified.  We needed to establish a social media plan.  Social media is key.  We had to get a social media presence in order to begin establishing an audience before we launched.

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