Tuesday, April 19, 2016

04/19/2016: Storytime Pup - Dealing With Technical Issues I

     I have begun shooting video and I am starting to discover some issues.  Mostly little things with green screen and chroma-key.  I thought I had the "ghosting effect" taken care of due to shadows.  But, I am still seeing some at the lower part of the videos at some times.  Not all times just some times.  I figured it had to be from slight shadows.  I bought new lights to light just the green screen and they hung above the subject and pointed down at the screen.  That seemed to take care of it.  Since the remaining ghosting is on the bottom part of the screen I figured I needed to light the screen from the bottom as well as the top.  So, I bought a special light that will sit in the floor at the base of the green screen.  That should eliminate any of the lower shadows.  I just have to make sure I balance the light.  I have yet to test this, and I will report back on wen and how I fix the ghosting issue.
    The next two issues can be seen in the screen shot above.  The first issue, you can see my head through the mouth opening when the head is positioned in certain ways.  The second issue, when I key out the green background, for some reason it is also keying out inside the mouth.  You can see the blue background through the mouth as if the head is open in the back, which it isn't. When I put any background image in the shot, it shows through the mouth. Makes for a funny looking shot :-)  I do not know why this is happening.  It should only be keying out what matches the background green screen.  Maybe the lighting and the darkness inside the head is creating a greenish tint or something, I do not know.  Can't have a pup with a see through head now can we?  :-)
     I believe I have a fix that will address both of these issues.  I went down to our local fabric store and bought two different kind of black mesh. I plan on putting mesh inside the head behind the mouth.  Hopefully I can still see and breath :-)  I am hoping this will prevent my head from being seen and also address the curious keying of the inside of the mouth and head.  I will report back on this as well. 

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