Monday, April 11, 2016

04/11/2016: Storytime Pup - Let's Add Magic Marker


     We were pleased with the animated segment intros, but then I had an idea.  I had been seeing a lot of ads using "cartoon whiteboards" which I found quite captivating.  I thought it might be cool to incorporate them into the intros.  So, I went out on Fiverr and found someone who did them for $5.  I sent them the initial image from one of the intros.  The next day I received the whiteboard video.  The hand with a Sharpie appeared to draw the first image.  I imported into Sony Vegas Studio and then merged it with that segment intro video.  It was seamless.  The hand draws the image and then it becomes animated.
     I thought of a fun little idea for the segment intros now.  Storytime Pup will welcome the kids at the beginning of the video and then say "let's see what we are going to do today.  Magic Marker show us what we are doing today"  And then the segment intro will play with "Magic Marker" drawing out what we will be doing.  Adds a bit more fun to the intro.  An example of the Storytime Intro is shown above.

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