Monday, April 25, 2016

04/25/2016: Storytime Pup - Fixing the Frame

    The next technical issue to be addressed was with the framing.  This issue was caused by the video field being wider than the green screen width.  Due to size constraints, I could not use a wider green screen.  I did some research online and found that I could use a "masking" technique within the video editing software.
    I found some tutorial videos on You Tube on how to do the masking for green screen.  However, no matter how much I searched, I could not find the masking button in my software.  I searched everywhere and followed the tutorials to a 'T'.  I was getting very frustrated because I needed to find out how to mask out the sides or I didn't know what I was going to do.  I went back to Google and found other people having the same problem.  My issue was, I had the wrong version of the software.  I had Vegas Movie Studio 11 and I needed Vegas Pro 12.  The Pro version had the masking capability.
    So, I had to order a patch for Vegas to get the masking functionality.  The problem was, I had to wait 3 days to get it. I was already a behind schedule to make the May 1st launch and now I would lose 3 more days.  But, I would find other non-video related tasks to work on.  Luckily the software came in 2 days.  I loaded it up and with a little experimentation I got it to work.  You can see in the screen shot above that the edges are now seamless.
     I was very happy to have the mouth and the edge issues handle.  However, I began to see that I was still be haunted by one more issue still.

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