Sunday, April 24, 2016

04/24/2016: Storytime Pup - Fixing the Pup's Mouth

     As I mentioned in the Technical Issues post.  I have been having issues with the mouth on the costume.  The mouth is actually open to allow you to see and breath.  But, as I stated before, for some reason the mouth opening was key-ing out when applying chroma-key for the green screen.  This made the Pup's head appear to be see through.
   The second problem, was the opening allowed you to see my head at many angles, unless the head was facing down.  Well, we can't just shoot with the pup's head down all the time.
    So, I bought a couple of different kind of black mesh to put inside the head in front of the mouth opening.  The first one I tried was like a bridal veil material.  It allowed me to see just fine, It stopped the issue with it being keyed-out.  But, you could still see my head through the mesh.  Ugh!  I took this mesh out and I tried the second piece of mesh which was a bit darker and the holes we closer together.  I knew if the other material keyed-out fine, that this one should too.  But, would it prevent you from seeing my face.  And if it did, would I still be able to see and breath.
   Well, I am pleased to say that the 2nd mesh worked like a charm.  No keying issues, you can't see my head or face any longer, as seen in the screen shot above.  And I can still see and more importantly breath.  So, this technical issue has been taken care of.  Now on to the framing issue.

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