Thursday, May 26, 2016

05/25/2016: Storytime Pup - Storytime Pup being watched in Indonesia

Storytime Pup being watched in Indonesia

     I was sent a link to this video this morning of cute Rara and Metha, playing Seek & Find on Storytime Pup.  Their uncle, Dami Nata, does the Seek & Find and other drawings for Storytime Pup. We find it so exciting that children as far away as Indonesia are starting to watch Storytime Pup.We have viewers in several countries.  Small yet growing audiences.  I am told that the kids enjoy watching, even with the language barrier.  They enjoy STP and also the great book illustrations and drawings we have on the show.
     So authors, as we grow our audience internationally, you may have to start having your books translated into other languages :-)

"Thanks Rara and Metha for sharing your video with us!"

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