Thursday, May 5, 2016

05/05/2016: Storytime Pup - Let's Pretend???

    Let's pretend.  This is another segment I thought of.  I have talked before about how our imaginations played such a big role in our childhood.  Heck it still does now.  My imagination comes into play in my job all the time.  I am know as an "idea guy".  Hey, even this whole channel came out of my imagination.  The whole look and feel, all came from my imagination.
     So, I have seen the importance and benefits of a strong imagination. But, like all things, it is something that has to be used and honed.  I believe that today's kids don't have as much imagination play as compared to when we were young.  It is due to a whole new world we live in.  I could be wrong.  It is just my observation.  I have also read articles that have said the same thing.
     Let's pretend will be a pretty simple segment.  Storytime Pup will walk the kids through an imagination exercise.  One of the first ones is making a pizza.  Storytime Pup will walk them through making a pizza.  He will key in on their senses.  "What does the imaginary dough feel like?"  "How good does your pizza smell."  "How does it taste?"  He will ask other questions along the way.  "What are your favorite toppings?" He will encourage them to think outside the box.  "You can put whatever you want on this pizza.  Do you want cookies and gumdrops on yours?  That's ok because this is let's pretend and you can imagine anything you want to."
     As with all the different segments, time will tell if kids like them and if we will continue to do them.  If they like them, I just have to use MY imagination to come up with a new "Let's Pretend" concept for each week.  :-)

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(Next - First Let's Pretend Segment.  What do you think?)

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