Tuesday, May 17, 2016

05/17/2016: Storytime Pup - Storytime Pup Mobile App is Live on Google Play Store

   We just got news that our Storytime Pup mobile app is live in the Google Play store!  Please download and give it a try.  Let us know if you encounter any errors.
    We felt it was important to create an app for Storytime Pup since mobile usage is the norm now.  We always see children using their parents phone at restaurants and in stores. We wanted to make sure that the Storytime Pup channel was easily accessible to parents and their children when they are out and about.
     We wanted to keep it simple, and it is.  There are 6 different buttons on the app.  The main button is the channel button on the top middle.  Clicking this takes you directly to the Storytime Pup Channel on You tube.  The Website button takes you to our website.  The  Blog, Twitter and Facebook buttons take you directly to those Storytime Pup social media sites. And the email button allows you to email us at Storytime Pup.  Again, we wanted to keep is simple.  We thought of just having a single button that took you directly to the Storytime Pup channel.  But, decided to add the other buttons. Your feedback on the app is welcomed and encouraged.
     It is not yet available on iTunes.  There review process takes a bit longer and it could be another couple of weeks. We will let you know when the Storytime Pup app is available on iTunes.

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