Wednesday, May 4, 2016

05/04/2016: Storytime Pup - Seeking & Finding???

     I am just now uploading the first "Seeking & Finding" video.  I though it might be a good addition to the channel, when we were looking at additional segments to spruce things up.  As you may have guessed, kids are encouraged to help Storytime Pup find the hidden objects at the bottom of the page in the picture on the left. Storytime Pup takes them through one by one looking for the objects.  The items are circled at the bottom of the page to let the kids know exactly which object is being searched for.  After searching for a while, a pointing finger then shows the kids where it is in the picture.
     I remember doing these things when  I was a kid and I enjoyed them.  Most of the segments in this show are from good memories of things I loved as a child.  I am hoping the "Seeking & Finding" segments are well received.  I am not sure how well this format will play out.  But I guess we will see.
     I polled a couple of teachers on how long we should give the children to find the object before pointing it out. It was determined that about 30 seconds is a good amount of time for even the younger viewers to find the object in the picture.  We had to find a balance between too hard and too easy.  I am hoping to receive feedback from viewers in the comments to see if the amount of time is good or not.
    We did find out one thing we have to change.  I have all the pictures being drawn as portrait with the objects down below,  Well, when translated to video, it does not fit the horizontal screen too well. So, we had 2 black bands on ether side of the picture.  Oh well, I colored the bands in for the first couple of shows as we already have the drawings.  After the first 3, all will be drawn landscape and will fill the screen better.  Once again, we are learning as we go.
     Please watch the "Seek & Find" segments and give us your feedback on them.  We love both positive and constructive feedback.

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