Sunday, May 1, 2016

05/01/2016: Storytime Pup - It's Time To Roll Out The Red Carpet

    Well, it's finally time to roll out the red carpet for the premier of the Storytime Pup Show.  It has taken three and a half months of preparation to get where we are today.  Are we ready?  Well, we still have some work to do in some areas and things to address.  But, as they say "the show must go on"
     I worked late into the night shooting and editing and changing and re-doing.  Trying to capture what has been in our heads for months onto video.  I think we have a pretty good thing here and I hope everyone else does too.

     As of this moment, it looks like we will premier with include the following segments:

  • A Storytime Segment Featuring "Suzy's Smile - Suzy Dog Fish Gets Braces" by Momma Dot, illustrated by Pascal Gaggelli
  • A Storytime Segment Featuring "Sir Alex and The Missing Toys" by Michael Yu
  • A Magic Window Segment Featuring a swimming tiger cub from Dade City's Wild Things Park
  • A Magic Window Segment Featuring a tiny teacup Pomeranian pup, from Tea Cup Pomeranians
  • A Seek and Find Segment Featuring Suzy Smile and her friends
  • A Seek and Find Segment Featuring Storytime Pup and his friends at the park.
  • TBD - There may also be a "Let's Pretend: segment, if time allows.
     After tonight we hope to have 4 to 5 new videos a week.  So, check back often.  If you haven't yet subscribed.  Now is the time.  We will see YOU on the red carpet tonight at 7PM EST.

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