Monday, May 2, 2016

05/02/2016: Storytime Pup - We Are Live!

     We are live!  Yes, we did meet our launch goal of May 1st.  We did not have our goal of 6 or more shows up.  Yes, more issues, but we did get one up and we are happy about that.
     We are even more happy at the initial response from the authors and some other viewers.  Had 80+ views and 10 positive channel comments since we launched at 9PM last night. I know those numbers are small in the grand scheme of You Tube, but it is a great start to us and we know it takes time to grow a subscription base.  We currently have 83 subscribers.  We can't wait for that to grow into the thousands over time.  We are confident that it will happen once people see our videos and start talking about the channel.
     Thank you to everyone for your support and feedback up to this point.  Stick with us for what promises to be a journey full of FUN!

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(Next - Sloooooooooow Uploads)

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