Friday, June 17, 2016

06/17/2016: Storytime Pup - New Videos Ending Shot

      I just shot a new ending for the Storytime Pup videos.  Per David Walsh's training, he addressed the importance of keeping viewers on your channel.  So, he said to put links to other videos at the end of each video to keep them engaged.
     So, I shot a new ending.  See screen shot to the left.  Storytime Pup says: "The fun's not over yet kids.  Click below for more fun videos.  There's Children's Books, Let's Pretend and Games.  And don't forget to subscribe by clicking right here"
    Each type of video is highlighted with a red box as it is mentioned.  When subscribe is mentioned, the subscribe button is highlighted in blue.  When they click on their selection, it will take them to an associated playlist.  It is important to send them to a playlist so it will show one of our videos after another vs playing another related video from another channel.  I will be creating another new ending which will have a button for our website vs the Subscribe button.  We want to start encouraging people to go to our website to sign up for our free giveaway contests.
    I will be checking the YouTube analytics to see what impact there is implementing this technique.

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