Thursday, June 9, 2016

06/09/2016: Storytime Pup - David Walsh, a YouTube certified consultant, will be helping us grow the Storytime Pup Channel.

     Hi folks!  I have some good news to share.  Along with creating videos, I have been focusing on the best way to grow the Storytime Pup channel.  I started watching a lot of videos on Youtube.  Seemed like the best place to do research on the topic.  I watched many videos by a man named David Walsh.  David has a very successful channel which focuses on Youtube and promotion.  I decided to contact David and see if he would be interested in some kind of collaboration regarding the Storytime Pup channel.  After some back and forth, we decided that we would work together on a business case.  I've purchased a training package from from David. As part of the package, he will be coaching me. I will be following David's "Tube Traffic Samurai" course and he will be mentoring me along the way on growing my channel.  We will work together for 1 year and see how well the channel has grown by June of 2017.  I took screen captures showing subscribers and total views so we can compare a year from now.  David will then be able to use this business case in his marketing to show the value of his course and his techniques.  I am very excited to be working with David on this project.
     I had my first call with David yesterday.  First of all, he is a very nice man.   He looked at my channel and gave me some feedback.  He said the channel has very good potential and the children's market is big.  To start with, he gave me suggestions with regards to what to add, what to change etc on the channel home page as well as modifications to the existing videos.  He is a wealth of knowledge.  I took 3 pages of notes.
     I will be going through his course and we will be meeting along the way.  I will be keeping you up to date on my progress with David over the next year.

Here's David's Bio
David is the Founder of David Walsh Online and the creator of Tube Traffic Samurai, the premiere YouTube training for authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and businesses to build a highly engaged audience of people who want what it is they have to offer.

David Walsh is a former International Taekwondo Martial Arts Gold Medalist who has turned his focus and exceptional talents to Video Marketing, YouTube and Direct Response Marketing.

David is YouTube Certified in Audience Development, and works with business owners, companies and brands to grow their business using the power of video and YouTube.  His expertise is his ability to drive views and traffic to the YouTube video being promoted, and from there to your website - with the prime objective of converting those viewers to loyal and engaged customers. So not only does he help you build a massive channel, but also sell products to your Subscribers too - which is where the real money is.

David has built his own YouTube Channel to nearly 100,000 Subscribers, with over 10.5 million total views in just over 3 years.  He is also a sought-after product launch consultant and a specialist in information product creation, from concept to completion, providing his services to multiple world-renowned online experts with rousing success.

David has no added preservatives or sugar :)

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