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06/02/2016: Storytime Pup - New Read Aloud Children's Book Video: A Visit From The Good Night Fairy

Children's Book Read Aloud. Bedtime Story. Picture Book - Storytime Pup: A Visit From The Good Night Fairy Written By: Rene Frances Illustrated By: Romaine Tacey

A Visit from the Good Night Fairy:
Named after a part of the sleep cycle, REMy is not unlike her "cousin" the Tooth Fairy, who rewards children for a part of life they may not look forward to.  After reading A Visit from the Good Night Fairy,your child may make a stronger effort to stay in his own bed throughout the night with the hope ofreceiving a small token or gift from Remy

As a guardian of a good night's sleep, the Good Night Fairy rewards those children who are having a particularly difficult time sleeping through the night on their own.  Her gifts (should) come to the child on the first full night of sleep in his room, then only after three or four nights in a row, then again after a full five- to seven nights in a row.  This "interval schedule" of rewarding your child's behaviour not only requires fewer rewards, but is also clinically proven to be very effective. 
{CLICK HERE to learn more about interval schedules of reinforcement.}

Rewards can be anything that is pleasing to the child:  a sticker, a coin, or a book.  It is recommended that after a full week or two of sleeping on his own, your child receive a note "from REMy" letting him know how proud she is of him, that she is confident that he can continue to sleep on his own without her gifts, but that she will continue to watch over him to help him have a good night's sleep! 

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