Wednesday, March 30, 2016

03/30/2016: Storytime Pup: - How it all started (Part IV). Shedding Some Light on the Subject.

     Elin stressed the importance of both lighting and audio in creation of our videos.  So, I spent the next couple of days looking into green screen lighting.  I figured out that based on the type of videos we would be shooting with a fixed camera on a tripod, that 3 point lighting would be the best.  I then looked into the different kind of lighting and green screen packages that were available online without breaking the bank.  I ended up ordering a three light, with green screen background kit as shown. I ordered it off of eBay and got a really great price on everything.  We are trying to keep the costs low on the project, so it was a nice find.

     The lighting and green screen equipment arrived in less than a week.  I was very impressed with the quality when I opened it.  I un-boxed everything and set it up in my office.  My office is pretty decent size, but was very cramped once I got everything set up.  I just wanted to do some testing.  I spent most of the weekend playing with different lighting set-ups and playing with green screen in Sony Vegas Studio.  By the end of the weekend I had video of myself in the woods, at the beach and even Disney World.  All without leaving my office :-)  The magic of technology.  I was very happy that I had learned how to create seamless green screen video.

     So, I had the equipment and know how for lighting and video.  I planned to move the lighting and green screens into the basement and create a make-shift studio for now.  My son is moving out in August for college.  He has a nice big bedroom in the basement that will be perfect for a permanent studio.  We will make do with the make shift area until July.

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