Saturday, July 2, 2016

Storytime Pup Children's Book Read Aloud: Molly The Mouse And The Bear Cub

Storytime Pup Children's Book Read Aloud: Molly The Mouse And The Bear Cub Storytime Pup Children's Book Read Aloud: Molly The Mouse And The Bear Cub . Stories for Kids. Written and Illustrated by: Melinda Kinsman Storytime Pup is a children's book channel that is both fun and educational. Kids love to follow along as Storytime Pup reads some of the top Children's books by many great and award winning authors. Book Description: Molly Mouse is busy sweeping up crumbs in her cosy woodland home, when she hears an unexpected knock at the door... WHO can be CALLING so LATE in the DAY? She PEEKS through the WINDOW, then GULPS in DISMAY! This is a gentle rhyming story about a tiny mouse who helps out a young bear cub. It is sure to become a favorite, comforting bedtime read. The book will help to teach your children kindness, problem solving, and that they don't have to be big to make a big difference to someone in need. The story and following nature notes are also a great way to introduce some simple facts about winter hibernation to young children. • Why did the bear cub wake up in the middle of winter? • What is he now afraid of? • How can Molly help him get back to sleep? • Who will she call on to help her? • Will she ever see the bear cub again? Read on to find out more... Written in a smooth rhyming rhythm, this is a fun "read aloud" book for adults to enjoy reading to younger children. The story is brightly illustrated on every page, and the verses are short and simple enough for beginner readers to tackle. You can read more about Melinda Kinsman at: Visit the Storytime Pup website to sign up for FREE giveaways for: books, CDs, t-shirts and other kid's items. Sign up just once to be eligible for all future giveaways. More kids fun and educational content can also be found there. Please follow us for more fun! Storytime Pup Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Thank you to Dami Nata for artwork: Permissions: The Storytime Pup Channel has received written permission from the author to present this book and the illustrations on this channel. Music Courtesy of: Run Amok Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Music:

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